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Jazz Angels Spring 2021

Online and In-Person Rehearsals (if safe)

Jazz Angels Winter session begins the week of 4/11/21 and continues through the week of 5/30/21. Jazz Angels remains fluid and flexible aiming to meet the needs of our community through changing COVID-19 regulations. Class days/times may be adjusted to accommodate schedules of all students. Our tentative schedule is for classes to occur Sunday afternoons/evenings or Monday or Tuesday early evenings.

Program Overview:

Jazz Angels is for musicians of all levels and all instruments including vocals, ages 11-17.  Musicians learn about jazz music, how to improvise and perform together. Our sessions also include additional social engagement activities.

Classes meet for 40-minutes once a week for nine weeks with several day and time options. Classes are taught via Zoom with options for outdoor and in-person rehearsals and performances if safe. Materials are delivered via Dropbox, provided to musicians by the Jazz Angels.

Each class will have an independent study component such as practicing and/or working for a class presentation. In addition to the classes, students become more socially engaged with their peers in other activities like riffs of the week, jokes of the week, recipes of the week as well as jazz in our community, open mic nights and virtual performances.

In lieu of a live performance, each ensemble will record a video of themselves performing their part which we will combine to create exciting virtual ensemble performances.  All performances are free to watch, we invite the world to attend!

We like to hear and speak with before classes begin.  Our famous “No Stress Placement Auditions” will take place the week of 3/28. Contact barry@jazzangels.org to set up your day/time.

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Jazz Angels Tuition:

Jazz Band – $225 

Maximum 5 musicians per section. Sheet music, playback and recording tracks provided. 2 virtual performances.

Vocal Jazz Group – $225

Maximum 6 vocalists per class. Sheet music, playback and recording tracks provided. 2 virtual performances.

Private lessons – $45/half hour billed monthly for lessons taught

Beginning to Advanced. Sheet music and play along tracks provided. 

Needs-based scholarships available

Class Details

Jazz Band: Horns and rhythm sections rehearse separately at first. When songs are learned horns and rhythm are invited to attend all rehearsals. Sheet music is arranged and provided along with different playback tracks: full band, solo only etc. We also provide solo scales and a transcription of a famous solo.

Vocal Jazz Group: Vocalists will rehearse together learning jazz songs. Instruction will focus on jazz phrasing and articulation, as well as vocal health and proper vocal production. Sheet music is arranged and provided along with different playback tracks: full band, solo only, etc.

Private lessons: Beginning to advanced. All instruments – including vocals – and all levels. Some instrument rental available for $20/month.

Other information:

All classes are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Classes help fulfill VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) National Standards for Music Education for California.

Jazz Angels also have a mentorship program for experienced musicians.

Jazz Angels Staff of professional musicians and educators:

Barry Cogert: Founder/Co-director

Albert Alva: Co-director

Kendra Cogert-Vocal specialist

Max Cogert-Percussion specialist and administrator

Will Harper-Technician and engineer

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If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Barry at barry@jazzangels.org or 310.850.0026