We’re saving jazz and jazz is saving us!

During these times, in an effort to be sensitive to everyone’s situation and deliver the high-quality programming Jazz Angels is known for we are offering Jazz Angels Spring Online, a new dimension of learning and collaborating in the language of jazz.

The session is 10 weeks long, beginning the week of 4/5 and ending the week of 5/31 (adjustments will be made for charter school musicians with the session ending on 5/22)

Rehearsal Days: Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays – for now on Zoom

Rehearsal Times:  10am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and will be online and interactive. Band rehearsals will be 40 minutes long and grouped by instrument families. Bands will also be divided into private Facebook and other groups for more practice, to communicate with other band members and for the locally world-famous Weekly Announcements

Musicians can remain home or, in keeping with social distancing, can rehearse in sections or with enrolled siblings. Albert and I will arrange the music and play-a-long backing tracks. Everyone will learn the melody for each song as well as the arranged parts and skills for improvisation. Our goal is for the full bands to come together for a live performance of some kind or at a minimum an online hangout in May or June.

Tuition is only $175 and includes: 10 rehearsals with personalized arrangements, online Jazz Angels forums, special jazz history education, online performances and more. We are a 100% satisfaction guaranteed organization

Click here to fill out the form and register, making sure you fill in the rehearsal day and time.

Please contact Max at max@jazzangels.org if you have any issues registering.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Barry at barry@jazzangels.org or 310.850.0026

For the first rehearsal we’ll choose an easy song, so you can all get comfortable with the process. You’ll play a section of the song, then we’ll comment and/or play an example, you’ll play it back to us and so on until you’re playing the whole song with the backing track. Since we’re doing this online, we will work on different approaches to soloing.




We will email you the sheet music and backing tracks along with an invite to your Zoom time.

You need to print the music and make sure you hear the backing track (headphones are a good idea), have your music on your music stand, a pencil (free food), your instrument set up and tuned before the rehearsal starts.  You are going to need 2 devices, (ipad, desktop computer, laptop and or a smart phone) one device for playing background tracks and the other for the video stream.

All of this needs to be tested and ready to go before the rehearsal starts.

Learning: Jazz Angels Spring Online will also incorporate different dimensions of learning with added individual musician responsibility.

  • Playing at home along with a backing track during a live video will be musically confronting and will require intense focus.
  • Constant playing and learning, there will be no time to take a mini- break while the other instruments are learning a part.
  • Musicians will become individually more responsible for counting rests/measures, knowing when to come in and when to stop, understanding the song form and improvising along with the tracks. Albert or I will not be saying “take the Coda” or “go to letter B.”

We are connected with Make Music Long Beach and once we learn our songs we can record and post them on their site, maybe some others too.

Other spring session perks:

  • If another family member (adult or child) wants some private lessons to learn how to accompany the Jazz Angels musician we can work that out, let us know
  • If you need more book reading, we have a library of jazz books if you want to come by the studio and roll down your window. I can hand them to you while you stay in the car.

See you on Zoom very soon.