Stompin’ with the Jazz Angels was a huge success!

Thank you to all of our sponsors. 


Alain Hirsch Construction Group – Binnie & Jack Berro – Joan & Tom Alderson – Dr Phil Oncley 

GROOVIN’ Sponsors

The Illinois Jacquet Foundation – Music Together at the Beach – Rob & Deb Feldman 

JIVIN’ Sponsors

Randy Alpert – Connie & Chi Mao – The ICE Boyz

STRUTTIN’ Sponsors

Anil & Abha Pandaya – Candace4Causes – David & Sadie Sacks – Emily & Tyrone Nance – Gary Hoffman – Gotz Insurance Agency, Inc – Jan Stein – JoAnn & Bud Adams  – Judith Lenzner – Lea & Dennis Gerber – Marylin & Lance Valt – Meredith Cooper – Nancy Schneider – Ronnie & Eric Feldman – Roxanne & Roger Waterman – Seth Linden – Shelley & Tom Carl – Victor Weiner


***UPDATE: Stompin with the Jazz Angels has moved!***

New Location: Outdoors at the Alpert Jewish Community Center – 3801 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90815

Featuring Long Beach Poly High Jazz Director Chris Stevens, Jazz Angels Alumni Sam Ross & Tatiana Tate, Jazz Angels Directors Barry Cogert & Albert Alva, and The Jazz Angels All-Star Youth Band

Proof of vaccination against Covid-19 required to be seated at the event, unvaccinated  minors must wear masks (unless eating/drinking) – Unvaccinated attendees can enjoy the event from their car – Seating arranged in accordance with distancing protocols – Masks & IDs required to use restroom, located inside the building.