The Jazz Angels’ Studio Programs currently serve about 70 young musicians at a time, divided into 6-8 bands based on ability, in quarterly studio sessions in Signal Hill, CA. Each session consists of eight rehearsals, either Sunday afternoons/evenings, or Monday or Tuesday evenings, and two live public performances. Summer schedule may vary.  Jazz Angels provides an exciting and complete jazz education program unlike any other music program.


We arrange the sheet music so it is challenging but not overwhelming and there is a low student to teacher ratio. In addition, we have jazz mentors assisting during rehearsals and performances. If you would like to volunteer or mentor, contact us.
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About Our Studio Programs

Typical students are age 11-17 and are assigned to one of 6-8 ensembles based on musical ability. Founder/Director Barry Cogert, Co-Director Albert Alva, and Jazz Angels teaching staff provide a nurturing environment and appropriate custom musical arrangements to encourage students to be comfortable playing in an ensemble as well as standing up and improvising a jazz solo.


We welcome music students of all abilities and can provide loaner instruments upon request.The program not only offers education in music, but also develops leadership skills and increases self-esteem. More experienced students are selected to be leaders in their small groups, and the bands take pride in their performances at their local schools and in the community.


Studies have repeatedly concluded that students who participate in music instruction perform better in other academic areas. Improvisation in particular activates brain function in unique ways. Parents report that students are more engaged and perform better at school since joining the program.