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Jazz Angels Winter 2023

In-Person Rehearsals

Jazz Angels winter session begins the week of 1/22/23 and continues through the week of 3/5/23, with several performances. Jazz Angels remains fluid and flexible aiming to meet the needs of our community through changing COVID-19 regulations. Class days/times may be adjusted to accommodate schedules of all students. Classes will meet  once a week on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays in the afternoon or early evening.

Program Overview:

Jazz Angels is for musicians of all levels and all instruments including vocals, ages 11-17.  Musicians learn about jazz music, how to improvise and perform together. 

Classes meet for one hour once a week during the fall session. Classes are held indoors in-person for rehearsals and performances.

We plan to have live performances at the end of the session.  Tentative performance dates are Sunday 3/12, Saturday 3/18, Sunday 3/19 , and more to come!

We like to hear and speak with students before classes begin.  Our famous “No Stress Placement meetings” will take place starting 9/4. Contact barry@jazzangels.org to set up your day/time.

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Jazz Angels Tuition:

Jazz Band – $275 

Small ensembles, no more than 10 musicians per band. Sheet music provided. At least two live performances. Multi-sibling discount and needs-based scholarships available. 

Other information:

All classes are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Classes help fulfill VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) National Standards for Music Education for California.

Jazz Angels also has a mentorship program for experienced musicians.

Jazz Angels Staff of professional musicians and educators:

Barry Cogert: Founder/Co-director

Albert Alva: Co-director

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If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Barry at barry@jazzangels.org or 310.850.0026