Support Groceries

Jazz Angels is participating in the
Ralphs Rewards Community Contribution Program.
Register your Ralphs Rewards Card online* at 

Or, download and print the attached letter with barcode
and bring to Ralphs to scan with your
Ralphs Reward Card next time you shop for groceries.

Earn money for the Jazz Angels with no cost or effort...just rewards for young musicians!

*Register online with these directions:

New Community Contributions Participant Sign-up Instructions

Announcement! is now a secure website.  And because it is, there are new procedures in place to enroll your Ralphs rewards Card.  Please share this information with your participants as they continue to register, so they don’t miss out on donations to your organization.  If you registered on the old website between August 4th,  2008 and September 22, 2008, your participation in the new term that began on September 1, 2008 is still in effect.  If you have not registered your new rewards Card for the new term, here are the instructions.  P! lease note:  You cannot register with an organization UNTIL you first register your rewards card online.


NOTE: Since our website is now secured, these procedures will apply to everyone who has not entered their email address and assigned a password.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Sign In/Register
  3. Click on New Customer? Sign up today!
  4. Enter your zip code and click on ‘find’
  5. Click ‘Select’ next to the store you primarily shop at
  6. Enter account information
    1. Your email address
    2. Your password (please note the rules next to this field)
    3. Confirm your password
  7. Subscribe or unsubscribe to email subscription by leaving the check marks or removing them
  8. Click Confirm
  9. Click on agree to Terms and Conditions
  10. Click on ‘Confirm’
  11. Click on Edit Community Contribution Program Information
  12. Enter the card number as shown on your Ralphs rewards card
  13. Click on ‘Save Changes’
  14. Confirm or enter any corrections and click on ‘Save Changes’
  15. Type in just a part of your organizations’ name or key in our 5 digit NPO number 94858 and click ‘Search’
  16. In the ‘Select Your Organization Section’, click on the bubble next to your organizations name
  17. Click on ‘Save Changes’
  18. Your organization selection will appear on the right side of this page
  19. You have now completed your Online rewards card registration AND your Community Contributions registration.
  20. Click on ‘Logout’ at the tope of the page


(This means that you have already entered your email address and assigned yourself a password)

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Sign In/Register
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click on ‘sign in’
  5. Click on ‘My Account’ (In the top right hand corner)
  6. View all your information and edit as necessary
    1. To make a change to your organization selection:
    2. Click on ‘Edit Community Contribution Program Information’
    3. Confirm your card number and click on ‘Save Changes’
    4. Review your personal information and/or make any corrections and click on ‘Save Changes’
    5. Type in part of your organizations name and click ‘Search’
    6. In the ‘Select Your Organization Section’, click on the bubble next to your organizations’ name
    7. Click on ‘Save Changes’
    8. Review all information shown on your account
    9. You will now see all of the changes your made and your account is updated
    10. Click on ‘Logout’ at the top of the page